R.U.F.F. News and Notes

Winter is still upon us so please be sure to be responsible with cleaning up and properly disposing of dog waste. It is super cold and the weather is not great but we still need to keep the neighborhood clean. If you see a new doggie face, please share the RUFF group information: [email protected], on Instagram (ruffnorthend) and Facebook (RUFF North End Dog Group).


North End Dog Park Updates:

Please note that the top entrance (Snowhill street) to the dog park is temporarily blocked off due to outside construction work. It may be easiest to access through the main entrance on Prince Street for the next week or so.

Next Park Phase:  As always, the dog park project is moving forward. In February, the first pass of the plans to the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) was rejected. Initially, we were worried but we learned that this is nothing to panic over but rather just some engineering details that will be worked out. The plans were updated and resubmitted. We hope to get some positive news on the water front this month. Additionally the City will be placing the ad to advertise for a contractor this month so we should be moving along. We hope that this process stays as close to on schedule as planned. We will continue to share the plans and process with all our members.

Auto Locks: Please note that the park hours are 6:30am-9pm. The gates will be locked outside of those times. Please remember this is our first winter with the automatic locks. We will be testing how well they respond to the cold, ice and snow. We may encounter some issues and ask for your understanding. If you encounter any issues in the park, please email: [email protected]

Water: Water fountains will be shut off for the winter, please plan accordingly.


March Dates:

March 21st- RUFF Feedback – 6:30pm- With Spring fast approaching and longer daylight hours we are bringing back our feedback in the park. RUFF’s Board members will be in the park this evening to meet new members, chat about the park plans, address concerns and remind park users of proper park etiquette. Please come by to say hello.

March 25th- PolkaDog and RUFF – Rescheduled Pitbull awareness event, 1-4pm – Pitbulls are an often misunderstood breed, abused and given a negative stigma. If you are an owner of a rescue Pit or know a sweet Pitbull from the neighborhood please come by. Additional details on the event to follow.

**Upcoming Events**

April 25th 4-7pm @ Nazzaro – Licensing and Rabies low cost clinic. Mark your calendars now. In order to use the new dog park this summer you will need to have your dog licensed. You can do this online: https://www.boston.gov/departments/animal-care-and-control/how-license-your-dog OR come on April 25th.

April Easter Egg Hunt – RUFF and PolkaDog are in the planning for a doggie Easter Egg hunt in the park.

Spring RUFF Fundraiser – The new dog park is expensive. Those doggie bags in the dispensers at all the parks cost money. We need your support ($$) to keep the parks and maintenance running…stay tuned for our Spring fundraiser details.


**RUFF Reminders**

Stay responsible and remind others to be responsible as well! Keeping clean now means less to clean up come Spring.

Doggie poop bag dispensers – As much as we encourage responsible ownership and cleaning up,the dog bags from the dispensers around the neighborhood are not free. RUFF keeps those stocked through donations and sponsorship. Please think twice before taking multiple bags OR think about donating a case for the parks. Your involvement is important to our success.

Keep our dog park safe. If you see bad behavior or things happening in the park that should not, please call 911 to report it. Of course you can always reach out to RUFF with any concerns at: [email protected]

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