Roosters Rule at Greenway’s Chinatown Park

In honor of the Chinese Year of the Rooster, the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, has commissioned a temporary installation of over 2,000 3D printer roosters in conjunction with New America Public Art (NAPA) and artist Chris Templeman who is also an engineer and educator.

In roughly three to four-hour printing period over the course of the year, park visitors can observe the process of a rooster figurine being created and, if the time is right, be able to take the figurine home for free.

Templeman has created the new artwork in celebration following the first two annual installations in this series. They include, the Monkey See sculpture and Wondering Sheet, named one of the best public artworks in the country by NAPA.

The latest offering, installed at The Greenway’s Chinatown Park, combines modern technology and a Chinese artifact to provide visitors a take-home palm size rooster figurine that is made before their eyes in real time.

“We view our public art program as a high-profile opportunity both to bring thought-providing contemporary art into the fabric of the City of Boston while also bringing levity to one’s day-to-day urban experience,” said Jesse Brackenbury, Executive Director for the Greenway Conservancy. “The private support from Radian for this artwork and other park improvements has allowed us to make a gathering place for this busy corner of Chinatown Park.”

            Arts and education programming will accompany The Greenway’s “Playful Perspective” curatorial theme throughout the year, including stationing volunteer Arts Ambassadors in the park during peak seasons (May to October) to interact with curious park visitors and answer questions.

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