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Opposes Legislature pay raises

Dear Editor,

It is wrong for our legislature to increase their pay and not that of their staff. It is wrong for our legislature to increase the pay of

Court officers and not that of Public Defenders and Assistant District Attorneys.  I do not agree with the pay raise for the Suffolk County Register of Deeds. This would make the annual salary $142,000.

Actions like this explain the overall distrust in our government and negative discourse about politicians.  It is wrong for the legislature to slash funding to vital programs while padding the pockets of serial office seekers.  Public officials should be trusted to do the right thing with taxpayer dollars and not hand it out to themselves.

Katherine V. Forde


More news about Nursing Home

Dear Editor

I came across this note that I made at a City Council hearing I attended on September 30, 2016:

“Janet Carlson says (to LaMattina) that the nursing home restriction ‘goes away’ when the urban renewal plan expires.”  Janet Carlson is a 30-year member of the BPDA/BRA’s legal department.  The quote is from the notes I made at the hearing.  The “goes away” are her words.

The urban renewal plan is now set to expire in 2022.  As you know, I feel strongly that it is not enough to pat ourselves on the back for saving the nursing home for 5 years.  We need to keep up the pressure to solve what is going to happen to it after that.  I’m sure the community will not be enthusiastic about extending urban renewal in the North End in 2022.   It would be nice if Partners or the purchaser from Partners would voluntarily record an extension of the restriction now, in connection with the upcoming sale of the property.  That probably isn’t possible without continued heavy pressure from the political establishment..

Victor Brogna, North End

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