MassDot Highlights New Travel Time Technology for Travelers

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has announced that a total of 146 “GoTime” signs, which provide real-time traffic travel times, are now activated on highways throughout the Commonwealth and that a new mobile app with GoTime data is now available which will allow drivers to see real-time travel information before they leave their home or workplace. The app is now available for download on Apple and Android Smartphones by searching “MassDOT GoTime.”

“We are taking steps to help drivers make informed decisions about their travel before they get on the roads,  said Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack. “Armed with information about how long travel times are, drivers can make decisions before getting on the road about whether they should drive, take transit, or whether they should travel at an off peak hour if possible.

“GoTime is one of the most innovative technology projects for DOTs in the country,” said Highway Administrator Thomas J. Tinlin. “Our roadside travel time signs have been very well received and now we have an app that can get drivers the information on the signs before they set off to school, to jobs, and to other destinations.”

The GoTime mobile app can be downloaded onto Apple devices by visiting:

 It can also be downloaded onto Android devices by visiting:

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