North End Nursing Home Sold, Residents Have Option to Remain

By Phil Orlandella

There is a feeling of relief for families who have loved ones residing in the North End Nursing Home on Fulton Street since the sale of the facility to Tryco Partners LLC.  Residents now have an option either to remain or be relocated to another facility.

Tryko subsidiary Health Services will operate and renovate the structure, offering long-term residents the option to remain in the center as opposed to being relocated.

Spaulding, the former owner, has operated the 140-bed facility since 2001, and had planned to close the center, citing decreasing demand and cost challenges and to remove residents to a Brighton facility or a choice of any facility. Included in the transactions were about 15 residents from the North End.

Residents, along with elected officials reacting negatively to Spaluding’s intentions, organized a neighborhood campaign to stop the closure, citing a city agreement that it remains a nursing home, if sold.

Reportedly, the new owner has an impressive track record of making investments in their facilities and scores well on publicly responded quality measures, according to Spaulding President David Storto.

Tryco CEO Norman Rokeach told the Herald he expects the North End center’s residents and their families will receive the company’s focus on hands-on quality care.

            “We look forward to working collaboratively with the community and the City of Boston,” he said.

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