By Phil Orlandella

Tis the season for petty crimes

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a time of giving but it can also be a time of taking, especially for Grinches that are looking to destroy the spirit of the holiday.

These nasty people are called thieves and they will attempt to steal anything in sight from vehicles, hallways and doorsteps ruining someone’s holiday.

Grabbing items from these vulnerable places are easy pickings and not unusual at this time of the season.

Being naughty, not nice is the attitude taken by these uncaring petty criminals who steal items and attempt to sell them at a discounted price to anyone willing to put up the cash, thus providing a market (hot stuff) and believe it or not, there are those willing to purchase the stolen goods so these undesirables can purchase drugs.

Residents need to be aware of these predators who will steal anything and everything to support their drug and alcohol needs.

Deliveries are their best targets.

Residents should be willing and ready to call police if they notice this kind of activity taking place or if they are victims of these crimes.

Call 911 relating to any information you may have and provide as many facts or descriptions of the culprits.

Frattaroli family raises $100,000 for Eliot School

Through the major efforts of the Frattaroli family a highly successful benefit dinner at Il Molo (The Pier) raised $$100,000 for the Eliot School in the North End.

Probably, the best K-8 school in the City of Boston, the Eliot School uses the funding for activities, events, programs, supplies and much more.

School staff, parents and students extremely appreciate the neighborhood endeavor undertaken by the Frattaroli family who have also coordinated the very popular Taste of the North End which also benefits several local non-profit organizations.

It’s always a great story when a local family and business owners go all out to support a neighborhood organization or a school.

In addition, it is important that they receive recognition and credit for getting involved with the neighborhood on a first-hand basis.

Letters to the editor welcomed

Letters to the editor are a welcome addition to the Regional Review but the community newspaper will not accept anonymous opinions.

Letters must be signed by the sender and include a phone number for verification. Political endorsements will not be published and the Review has the option of editing letters.

Real letters allow residents to express their point of view to the Review’s readership and the community.

Send communications to [email protected]

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