City Releases Imagine Boston 2030 Draft Plan

An Expanding Opportunity, Imagine Boston 2030’s draft plan of priority action areas and major initiatives that apparently will support a thriving city by expanding opportunity, supporting a dynamic economy, enhancing quality of life and preparing for climate change has been put forth by Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

More than 12,000 residents apparently helped shape the draft plan with feedback from every corner of the city.

“Imagine Boston 2030 offers a citywide perspective of Boston’s future that ties together our many planning initiatives already underway to guide strategic growth and expand opportunity for all residents,” Mayor Walsh said in a press release.

Reportedly, the expanding opportunity draft identifies five action areas to strengthen neighborhood vitality while bolstering the city’s economy.

Enhancing and expanding neighborhoods, and encouraging mixed-use jobs centers will apparently accommodate the approximately 829,000 jobs and 724,000 residents the city is projected to have by 2030, and be positioned to keep growing towards 2050, according to the city.

Categories of opportunity include: housing, education, economic mobility and development, energy and environment, open space, transportation, technology, health and arts and culture.

The five action plans include: enhanced neighborhoods, encourage mixed-use job centers, expand neighborhoods, create a waterfront for future generations and a general network of opportunities.

According to the Mayor, the plan represents the voice of thousands of residents.

The release of a final plan is expected to be available next year.

A breakdown of these action areas is available through Imagine Boston 2030’s storymap.

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