Give BPDA a Fair Chance

A new identity for the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) will take place in the upcoming months.

The BRA will become the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) with the primary focus on planning and neighborhood engagement.

BPDA will be hiring more of its own community planners as the agency moves away from using outside consultants, a move that will benefit the agency and the neighborhoods.

Changes also include implementing new solutions, partnering for greater impact and tracking process which should help the agency adjust to a more efficient and reliable public service outlet.

The goal of the changes is not to slow down the development conversation but to make them more comprehensive, according to the BPDA Development Review Director.

These recommendations will not be implemented immediately but once in place they could last a long time.

Apparently, at least according to the agency, “Boston does the most community dialogue in the country” and plans to improve the neighborhood initiative even more.

While there are still certain obstacles that still exist, let’s give the BPDA the fair chance they are asking for.

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