Greenway Provides Estimated Square Footage for New Art at North End Park

By Phil Orlandella

The estimated square-foot of the Meredith James artwork scheduled to be placed at the Greenway’s North End Park is not a huge footprint and there is still plenty of space (5,592 sq.) in which to still enjoy the lawn and Park offerings next summer according to Lucas Cowan of the Greenway Conservancy.

While the Greenway, has made estimates, they are still working through the logistics according to Greenway Conservancy Board Member Robyn Reed of the North End and an officer on the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).

The lawn measures approximately 180’ x 33.6’ or 6,048 square feet.

Due to the complex shade of the work, it measures approximately 24’ x 19’ at its widest point or a total of 456 square feet.

            Residents at the NEWRA meeting asked what size the art would be and The Greenway responded when they could provide the estimate.

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