Petsafe Grant Seals North End Dog Park Future

Boston’s North End neighborhood, after completing a successful Dog Park pilot program in DeFilippo Park is now one step closer toward building a permanent facility, thanks to a generous $25,000 grant awarded to Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) which has been spearheading the first ever dog park in the community.

Through the PetSafe Brand’s Park for Your Park program, Boston is one of 25 cities nationwide selected to receive funding to build an off leash park through this year’s Bark for Your Park grant giving program.

In the spring of 2015, RUFF, a small community dog group, partnered with the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department to open a pilot dog park (May-July 2015) to determine if a dog park would be utilized and well received by the community. It was and after it was proven to be a success, RUFF petition the city to transition the space into an official permanent dog park.

RUFF received an overwhelming positive response from the community during the pilot program through their determination and dedication to make a local dog park work.

The park will allow for separate locations for small and large dogs, will be updated with artificial turf, automatic irrigation and landscaping and will feature other friendly amenities including drinking fountains, fire hydrants, sprinklers, ramps and added agility and recreation equipment.

RUFF has been relentless in its endeavor to have a permanent park in the North End and their perseverance has paid off in spades.

The City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department made a great decision to support the creation of a dog park and provided assistance through the entire process.

PetSafe’s major donation helped put the icing on the cake.

            RUFF clearly worked their tails off to make the park a reality. They are a special neighborhood group.

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