By Phil Orlandella

Susan Price a valuable NSC volunteer

Volunteering at local neighborhood agencies is what giving something back to your community is all about … caring.

That’s what North End resident Susan Price did after she left the workforce and began volunteering at the North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center at 1 Michelangelo Street.

She has become an asset to the NSC which services hundreds of needy people from the community five days a week.

Price performs many things at the center that make a difference and is truly a dedicated volunteer in every sense of the word.

When the NSC landed Susan, the price was right.

Safe, clean and enjoyable feasts  held this year

North End feasts are over and there were really no problems during the local societies religious festivals.

This was due to communications and good planning with the City of Boston, police, residents and the societies that work so well together to make the feast enjoyable, safe and clean for the thousands of people that attended them this year.

Those that worked together to make these events the success they were should be commended for a job well done.

NEAD back to school dance swings

North End Against Drugs (NEAD) will hold another Back to School Dance at the Polcari playground that will draw many students and their families.

The annual dance has become a special night out for students of all ages and will continue to grow each year.

Featuring music, dancing and refreshments the event also develops new friendships between families and students.

Back to school driving precautions

Thousands of students of all ages have returned to school and persons driving motor vehicles and riding bicycles need to be extremely careful and responsible for their safety.

Drivers need to be prepared to slow down or stop in school zones every time they approach these areas.

            Stay off the cell phone, stop texting and pay attention to the road.

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