No News Is Not Necessarily Good News

Can the North End Nursing Home on Fulton Street be saved or will plans by Partners and Spalding to close the facility and relocate the senior residents who live there to other locations prevail?

The deed holder can actually close the facility as long as they provide ample housing for the current tenants.

However, selling or changing the facility to something other than a nursing home is the question on everyone’s mind.

It appears that the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) will apparently have to eventually make this decision based on documents that relate to this matter.

This issue may even be heard in the courts.

For the deed holder, it’s really about dollars and cents. Apparently, the facility is not producing enough revenue to justify keeping the home open.

Not enough beds are being filled, resulting in a profit loss and there is no reason to believe that additional beds will be filled.

Despite all the community opposition and all the political support to save the nursing home, nothing has really developed on either situation, closing and the sale of the building.

However, residents and their supporters are continuing to fight to keep the nursing home open, one way or another.

Currently, it’s anyone’s guess how this community endeavor will turn out.

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