Michael Bonnetti Tops Ticket in NEWNC Election

By Phil Orlandella

Six of eight local residents were elected by the community during a public election to serve two-year terms on the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC).

Officially, 355 residents found their way to the Nazzaro Center on a beautiful, warm, sunny day to cast votes in the election. Voters could select up to six candidates on the ballot which were counted publicly.

Michael Bonnetti garnered 243 votes topping the ticket. Marie Simboli finished in second place with 237 votes. Gennaro Riccio and Danielle D’Ambrosio finished in a tie with 179 votes filling the third and fourth spots. John Pregmon collected 147 votes for fifth place. The sixth and final seat was won by Brett Roman with 120 votes. Anne Roach 81 votes and Zach Zimmerman 66 votes finished seventh and eighth respectively.

Three incumbent Board members decided not to seek reelection, Anne Devlin Tagliaferro, Jessica Dello Russo and Ryan Kenney.

Three incumbents, Marie Simboli, Jerry Riccio and John Pregmon won seats.

Remaining Board members (one-term) are Philip Frattaroli, Carmine Guarino, Sean Hennessey, Jorge Mendoza and Ralph Verrocchi.

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