Louis Cavagnaro Honored at NEAA Baseball Opening Day Ceremony

The Junior Baseball League opened up the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) 2016 season with an 11am game at Langone Field on Commercial Street.

The four team program is made up of future Little League players.

Both teams played well and many fans filled the stands during a warm Saturday morning.

During a break in the game, a ceremony honoring current NEAA President Louis Cavagnaro for over 50 years of supporting the non-profit association.

Cavagnaro, one of the original founding members of the NEAA, tossed out first pitch and received a Boston City Council resolution presented by Councellor Sal LaMattina recognizing his accomplishments.

State Senator-Elect Joseph Boncore and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz were on hand to honor Cavagnaro and to support NEAA baseball.

One of the highlights of Opening Day was the singing on the National Anthem by sisters Marlo (6) and Lina (7) Walsh.

The Eliot School students received a standing ovation for their terrific performance. Rumor has it they are already being booked for other North End events.

A free barbecue was held during the entire special baseball day. Players and fans were treated to hamburgers, sausage sandwiches, water, potato chips and a variety of cakes.

Responsible Urbanites For Fido (Ruff) as usual set up an information booth and provided refreshments.

For the first time, The Boston Public Market had an area set up, also providing information, discount coupons and various food characters that provided entertainment.

Following the Junior League game, two Little League games were played.

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