DPW Resumes North End Street Sweeping

The Boston Public Works Department (PWD)  announced that efforts are underway to clean the streets following this winter’s snow and ice, overnight posted street sweeping has resumed and posted residential street sweeping will resume in the North End March 1.

Snow and ice no longer pose an issue for street cleaning on these routes and this weekend’s forecast allows PWD to proactively clean the streets. Several hand cleaning crews and mechanical sweepers will be deployed citywide, within main squares, business districts and main thoroughfares.

Residents are asked to obey parking restrictions in order to assist with the City’s efforts to clean the streets. Violators who do not move their cars during street sweeping hours will be subject to a $40 ticket and towing.

 The City’s Daytime Neighborhood Street Cleaning program currently runs from April 1 through November 30 for all neighborhoods except the North End, the South End, and Beacon Hill, where street sweeping runs run March 1 – December 30.

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