Boston’s Public Health Successes Highlighted in the Report

A report that recognized a snapshot of health outcomes across 26 major cities has named Boston for its remarkable strides in improving public health for city residents.

Big Cities Health Coalition in its 6th edition of Big Cities Health Inventory, also noted decreases in the city’s diabetes mortality rate, heart disease mortality and cancer mortality.

In addition, the report included Boston as one of the cities featured in a case study for its efforts to reduce and prevent violence through innovative, trauma-informed approaches.

The Boston Public Health Commission and the Boston Police Department, along with other city agencies were praised in the report for efforts to address and prevent youth violence.

The report indicated that nonfatal, assault-related gunshots/stabbings and emergency department visits have fallen since 2008. From 2011 through the end of 2014, homicide rates have decreased by sixteen percent and overall violent crimes has dropped by nine percent.

Boston’s multi–pronged approach to improve health and of violence throughout the city appears to be working well.

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