R.U.F.F. December Newsletter

Its the holiday season! Despite the busy schedules and falling temperatures,RUFF wishes all its members a fun and safe holiday season! Please keep sharing our email [email protected] and spreading the word about the new dog park.

RUFF needs your help trying to get automatic locks installed on the gates of the new dog park. To this date the gates are locked and unlocked by dedicated volunteers.     However, with the day light hours becoming less and less and the temperatures falling, it is harder to keep regular hours and a consistent schedule.

The City was given a very costly estimate for automatic gates, which is something that is both out of the City and RUFF’s current budget. Does your building have an automatic gate system? Do you work for a company with an automatic locking gate? Do you know someone who does? Any advice or suggestions on companies to reach out to are welcome. Automatic locks are needed to installed before winter to ensure the park can stay open. Email any ideas or recommendations you may have.

Crate Escapes has donated another round of dog waste bags to help keep the neighborhood and the parks clean through the winter!

  RUFF dropped off a huge collection of crates, beds, toys and collars to the Animal Rescue League from public donations.

The end of 2015 is almost here – RUFF has fundraisers planned for 2016 but will consider a gift before the end of the year please visit our web page:  http://www.ruffboston.org.

Please keep dogs on leash until you have entered the dog park. Additionally, if taking a large dog through the small dog area please be aware of the small dogs that may be around. It is recommend that large dogs be leashed going through the small dog area.

RUFF and the city of Boston are waiting on the grant approval for the design phase of the park. Bids for designers have been delayed till January 2016. RUFF will  update the members then. Any ideas, thoughts/suggestions for the park, email: [email protected]

Winter is upon us and the water spout has been turned off for. Remember to bring water for dogs when visiting the park but also be mindful of freezing temperatures.

Responsible owners are keeping the park clean! The last power wash is coming up after the scaffolding comes down. During the winter months, cleaning up after the dogs and keeping the park tidy will fall even more so on RUFF and our members. Keep the park in good shape this fall/winter. The parks maintenance department is working hard to keep the trash barrels emptied in a timely manner. Notice a trash issue, please contact RUFF or the Mayor’s hot-line at 311.

December 15th – 7pm – Monthly Meeting CANCELED – HOLIDAY PARTY @ Tia’s!  Join RUFF for some drinks and snacks to celebrate the holiday season.

Be respectful within the dog park. Respect he size of your dog and recognize when there is a potential conflict with dogs of other sizes. Also, be aware of excessive barking. These kinds of complaints from neighbors affect the success of the park.

Keep a watchful eye on Fido so that he/she does not urinate on personal property.

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