Mangia,Mangia Ready to Celebrate 29th Anniversary

Mangia, Mangia Restaurant on Endicott Street, across from Saint Mary’s Chapel has been serving breakfast and lunch for 29 years as of December 19, 1986.

The eatery has been a popular spot to dine all these years and they continue to serve many local and other customers.

Owner John Pagliuca in addition to running a solid business finds the time to get fully involved in neighborhood events and activities.

Pagliuca also makes donations to local non-profit agencies and is a member of Ausonia Council #1513, Knights of Columbus and other community groups.

“It’s always a pleasure to serve my customers and working with the neighborhood,” Pagliuca said.

Mangia, Mangia is one of many businesses that make it their business to be a good neighbor by cleaning in front of the restaurant and curbside helping to keep the North End debris free.

            To top it off, the food is great!

John Pagliuca of Mangia, Mangia.

John Pagliuca of Mangia, Mangia.

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