Pam Donahue Honored at ABCD Community Heroes Celebration

Action for Boston Community Development rolled out the hero’s festivities with a gala celebration of 18 outstanding neighborhood volunteers who selflessly give back to their communities. Pam Donahue, a volunteer at the North End/West End NSC, was one of them.

Whether she’s preparing a boiled d

Pam Donahue

Pam Donahue

inner for St. Patrick’s Day or sharing a story with a senior citizen, Pam Donahue does it with joy and compassion. Since 2014, she’s been volunteering with the ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center, and in April 2015, she became a member of their Advisory Board.

 Pam helps with food transportation for the West End Pantry and regularly assists with both daily meals and special holiday celebrations like Valentine’s Roast and Italian Easter Monday picnic.

By providing a welcoming environment for seniors and other guests, Pam both brightens their day and helps them access the housing support, fuel assistance and other social services they need to thrive.

Playing an important role on the Advisory Board, Pam also made connections in the corporate world to support the North End/West End NSC’s 5th Annual Buona Sera: An Evening with Friends fundraiser.

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