Public Works Presents Three Design Concepts for North Square

Boston Public Works Department (DPW) presented three design concepts for the development of North Square at a community meeting held in Saint John School Hall with about 40 residents attending.

The concepts were based on input from the neighborhood at several other community meetings held with residents.

North Square is an important part of the historic fabric of the City and will be approached with due concern for community and stakeholders input and concerns, according to Public Works.

While a final concept will be developed with additional community requests, Public Works will schedule another public meeting in the near future, possibly with the Parks and Recreation Department that is planning improvements at Rachel Revere Square.

Residents clearly wanted the flower bed and the chain taken from the Charlestown Navy Yard to remain as well as the trees. However parking in the square was a concern. They liked the handicap accessibility plan and keeping some of the existing cobblestones in the square.

One of the oldest occupied neighborhoods in the city, the square is a part of a vibrant community fabric in the North End featuring Paul Revere House, Rachel Revere Square, businesses and the Freedom Trail with its four million annual visitors. It is also the site of many residential units and a church.

PWD claims the revitalization of the square will be founded on the idea of developing an open space with multiple urban uses.

Residents express their concerns regarding events and vendors being held or placed in the square.

The purpose of the project according to DPW will be to improve the ability for people to enjoy the square by developing its identity as a cultural destination and making the space accessible for everyone.

Once completed, DPW noted that the square will be a livable, walkable, multimodal, green and sustainable area accommodating all uses.

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