Season at the Mirabella Pool a splash

Through the major effort of the Nazzaro Center staff, Mirabella Pool goers enjoyed another terrific season of swimming, sunbathing and socializing at the facility.

Under the direction of Director Carl Ameno everything ran smoothly and the facility was always in tip top shape.

Having the pool directly located in the neighborhood for residents and visitors to enjoy is a splash.

Having a pool in the community without any major incidents is a tidal wave.

15U Dodges take-home RBI League Championship

It was a long road to victory and a baseball championship for the 15U North End Dodges in the RBI League.

Solid defense, offense, pitching and a winning attitude instilled by coaches were the keys to capturing the top spot in a very competitive league.

Throughout the regular season the Dodgers played great baseball, earning the second seed spot in the playoffs.

During the playoffs, the team scored 55 runs while allowing only 25 by their opponents.

It was a proud team that took the field every game giving 100 percent every time under the direction of coaches Dom DiCenso and assistant coach Ed Reynolds and Ricky Martignetti.

Another North End Dodges team has brought a championship to the community.

RUFF seeks permanent Dog Park

Just about everyone agrees that the dog park located on two levels of DiFilippo Park, pilot program was a huge success thanks to the hard work of Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) an all volunteer non-profit community organization.

The park is well utilize, clean and safe thanks to users and RUFF’s watchful eye.

Currently there is a major move by RUFF to make the park a permanent facility for community use.

Both dog owners and residents can help this endeavor by sending RUFF letters of support for a permanent park.

This park is responsible for keeping the community clean and healthy and RUFF deserves a little help from the community to make a permanent park possible.

Friends of the North End Reunion a blast from the past

Friends of the North End 43rd reunion brought together hundreds of North End and former North End residents for still another successful time involving a great reminiscing gathering of days from the past.

Little League, baseball, football the pool, pier activities politics, old and new friendly arguments, hanging on the corner, the dances, the brawls, friendships, school classmates and just about everything that occurred in the community including the many changes were topics of discussion.

The group also remembered friends that have passed away like Dom Campocchiaro.

There was plenty of ribbing recalling nicknames and food.

Hopefully, this terrific event continues well into the future.

Another terrific North End Girl Friends Reunion held

While there was a change of venue, the North End Girl Friends Annual Reunion was another highly successful event.

Hundreds of North End residents and former residents participated in the now very popular get-together at Filippo’s Ristorante on Causeway Street.

The so-called good old times was the main topic of discussion as everyone enjoyed the evening and the food.

            Apparently, everyone left the reunion asking when is the next one going to be held?

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