Friends of the North End Bocce Match


On Sunday morning THE FRIENDS OF THE NORTH END staged a bocce match featuring the ”Duffel Bags” against the Red Team. The Red Team made up of Gus Pesaturo, Vito Aluia, Sam Viscione, Joe Testa and Victor Passacantilli soundly defeated The ”Duffel Bags and claimed the championship for this summer’s day  tournament. The consolation prize for the losers was 2 Market Basket jelly donuts which Captain Richie Delliago joyfully accepted. Front row left to right, Richie Delliago,Vito Aluia,Charlie Marino, Sam Viscione, and Willie Celata. Back row, Angelo Di Girolamo,Victor Passacantilli, Joe Blazo, Joe Testa and Gus Pesaturo.

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