Sandwich Board Policies and Regulations to be Discussed

Sandwich boards placed on sidewalks throughout the city will be evaluated by city officials to determine policies and regulations of these free standing sidewalk signs that advertise business products.

Many of these signs clearly blocks sidewalk access, especially for handicapped people and senior citizens.

Apparently, city officials believe there is confusion among small business owners and city departments regarding what kind and when the signs are permitted.

City Councilor Michael Flaherty is calling for a public hearing to clarify the issue.

Reportedly, part of the confusion stems from the fact that there are several parties overseeing the sandwich board policies and regulations, including enforcement.

Public Works, Inspectional Services, the Boston Transportation Department and the Department of Neighborhood Development are all involved, according to Councilor Flaherty.

Apparently, city zoning contains signage regulations that vary in different neighborhoods, business districts and sub-districts, according to the Councilor.

            City officials hope to find a clear and equitable solution that doesn’t discourage small business owners from displaying sandwich boards because the boards can be a critical marketing tool.

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