Some Sort of “T” Reform Must Occur

Some sort of a major reform to the Massachusetts Public Transportation Authority relating to the outrageous way the system works and it’s overwhelming cost to do so is needed.

Governor Charlie Baker has proposed some action to possibly help out this nasty issue that without question needs to be fixed, sooner than later.

However, both the Senate and House will make so many changes to the Governor’s suggestions that it will no longer be a reform measure, the Carmen’s Union will make sure of that.

When the legislature meets in conference committee or when they finally vote, every elected official that has accepted campaign donations from the union, should not be allowed to influence a decision or vote on the matter as well.

Exactly how the “T” should be reformed is important. Changes must be considered or it will not make any difference. It will be a same old…same old situation resulting in the same unacceptable customer services and poor conditions.

Let’s hope that the powers to be don’t cave in again or the “T” will never be reformed.

They need to get on track with some sort of reform that has some meat and potatoes to it.

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