Boston Police Officer a real hero

Off-duty Boston Police Officer Shana Cottone became a real-life hero when she risked her own safety entering a burning building on Stillman Place in the North End.

When she arrived on the scene there was a good-size fire going on the top two floors, but that didn’t stop her from charging into the building, kicking open doors and looking for people that could be trapped in the blaze.

She did find a man and his dog and make sure they exited the building.

Officer Cottone didn’t stop there as she continued to kick-in doors until she was overcome by smoke and was forced to leave the building as she continue to attempt to warn people while crawling on her stomach.

Officer Shana Cottone’s actions deserve praise and hopefully an accommodation from the Boston Police Department.

Marathon generates
millions for Greater Boston economy

The 119th Boston Marathon and surrounding related events reportedly generated an estimated $181.9 million.

These events included the John Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo and the Boston Athletic Association 5K according to the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Patrick Moscaritolo.

Held annually on Patriot’s Day, the Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest consecutively run Marathon and ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious road racing events. The B.A.A. has managed and organized the marathon since the events inception in 1997.

This year, more than 30,000 official participants tackled the marathon that included 86 countries.

“After a very difficult winter for Boston’s visitor economy, we were looking forward to this year’s Boston Marathon and the remarkable spending impacts that have brought a solid economy to our community,” Moscaritolo noted.

Greater Boston’s shops, restaurants, hotels and local businesses were all patronized by visitors and Bostonians.

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