City Begins Mechanical Street Cleaning

Record-setting snowfall has delayed mechanical street cleaning in the North End, however, according to the Department of Public Works (DPW), as of April 1 the program is now in full swing.

Residential street sweeping signs have been posted and DPW has notified the neighborhood and the business community.

DPW is asking residents to obey parking restrictions in order to assist with city efforts to clean streets.

Violators who do not move their cars during street cleaning hours will be subject to a $40 ticket, and towing.

The city will continue their snow recovery efforts, DPW has already removed tons of debris from streets and the Mayor has provided 20 hokeys to assist with trash removal through the city.

Public Works has surveyed roads to fill potholes and claims that 700 tons of hot top has been used to fill nearly 5,000 potholes.

In addition, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (North End Liaison Nicole Leo) will lead the annual “Boston Shines” to recruit volunteers to tackle cleaning streets.

Boston Parks and Recreation is continuing to monitor athletic field conditions, and will be working with permit holders to provide updates to the public.

The North End Athletic Association (NEAA) is planning to open its baseball season on Saturday, April 25, utilizing both Langone Field and Puopolo Park.

            In the event Public Works decides to cancel street cleaning and parking enforcement for weather related reasons, notifications will be made.

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