Eliot School students show appreciation for Police

Thirty-five Eliot Innovative School students visited District A-1 Boston Police presenting them hand written cards recognizing the great job they do each day protecting the community.

Students also told police they support them fully, despite some negative stories written about police in general.

Their actions are an example of letting police know they appreciate the job they do on a daily basis.

Out of the mouths of children.

North End Streets dirtier than ever.

Since the City of Boston mechanical street cleaning stopped on December 31, the North End curbs have turned into a total disaster with all kinds of debris overflowing the curb areas.

The trash has mounted to deplorable conditions with residents and the business community in general looking the other way, instead of being a good neighbor and doing something about the mounting trash issue.

It’s the city’s job to clean the community is the response to the issue has become lame. Residents need to find a few minutes a day to help keep their community rat proof and presentable.

The business community should especially clean the sidewalk and curbs in front of their businesses.

Start-off the New Year right by helping to keep the North End clean by giving ten minutes a day with a broom and shovel.

Summer Olympics should not include eminent domain

There’s a long-history of using eminent domain to help clear up prized land to promote economic development like the 2024 Olympics, however, most people, elected officials, or anyone promoting the idea have not suggested any such move.

 Just about everyone agrees that there are just too many things to do in the process to even suggests the use of eminent domain related to the 2024 Summer Olympics at this time.

Eminent domain brings back bad memories, especially the bulldozing of the West End and Scollay Square.

While planning the possibility of Boston as a host city for the world-wide event in the city, hopefully, the last two words are not eminent domain.

NEWRA Parks and Open Spaces Committee revised

The North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) has revised its Parks and Open Spaces Committee following the untimely death of its long time chairperson Ann Pisatori.

Goals of the committee are to preserve and rehab, North End parks and other open spaces, a huge task to say the least.

Working with the City of Boston’s various departments, the committee has had good success in the past, but needs more volunteers to continue to improve various sites throughout the neighborhood.

 The committee meets the first Monday of each month at the Mariners House, 11 North Square at 7pm.

The next meeting is Tuesday, February 3. Hopefully, additional, NEWRA members and others find the time to attend and joined the active committee.

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