Councilor LaMattina Calls for Airbnb Public Hearing

More attention toward Airbnb a public hearing has been scheduled later this month to determine if any regulations are needed for the fast-growing rental service run by the San Francisco based company.

While Mayor Martin Walsh has taken a cautious approach to the issue, Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina wants to take a closer look at Airbnb’s practice after hearing complaints about apartments where people were cycled through revolving doors.

LaMattina has refilled a bill for a hearing on Airbnb before the City Council. He believes Airbnb needs to be regulated and wants to look at other cities across the country to see what they are doing to address this issue.

“They’re not paying any hotel tax to the cities and towns, and I think this is something we really need to look at,” LaMattina noted.

            Councilor LaMattina said, “His bigger concern is potential investors buying homes or condos specifically to rent out on Airbnb.”

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