Protesters Distanced Themselves from N.Y. Police Assassinations

It’s incredible that police officers have become the target of anger over the justice system that did not indict cops involved with the deaths of teens Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

Public citizens made those decisions, not the police.

Assassinating two police officers in New York did nothing to resolve the impact of the Missouri or New York incidents.

Protesting and peaceful rallies were justified but it did not happen that way, as many took advantage of the situations by looting, burning cars and businesses and now the unnecessary killing of two police officers in cold blood during a planned assassination relating to the no indictment results.

These incidents have created a lot of tension for protesters and police and need some real attention before things continue to escalate out of control.

Responsible people and elected officials need to curtail this situation before all hell breaks out.

Peaceful protests send a clear message. Non-peaceful protests send a different message, one that is not generally expected by the public.

Organizers of protests indicated their actions have been non-violent, but didn’t have any plans to demonstrate in solidarity with police.

They actually distanced themselves from the slayings in New York.

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