More positive police stories should be published

Police behavior continues to dominate the news.

Protest, rallies, speeches and violence have and will continue to be covered extensively as they should be.

However, there is never any positive stories produced about police action that is covered on a regular basis that reflect the many good things the police do, especially when they place their lives on the line every day.

There should be more positive stories regarding police.

West End Museum offers a trip back into history

Located at 150 Staniford Street, the West End Museum is a nice place to visit, especially for the many interesting exhibits they display on a regular basis.

While the museum features everything you want to know about the one time vibrant community that disappeared in the name of progress, other exhibits are smartly put together that visitors will really enjoy.

The West End Museum has much to offer to make it a place to visit and take a trip back into city history.

 Society holds successful community Christmas event

As they have done over the past 20 years, the Saint Agrippina DeMineo Benefit Society held another Christmas Program party for North End children at their Chapel on Hanover Street.

                        Children 10 years old and under met Santa Claus and took photos with him. Every child received a gift, gift bags and participated in face painting. A selection of popular fictional characters entertain them as well.

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