It’s Certainly Not Chump Change

Saying he was “troubled” by the findings of a Herald report citing a pattern of apparent bid splitting by the city’s Property Management Development and took issue with the department’s director Michael Galvin’s characterization of the payouts as “chump change” the Mayor has publicly stated he will discuss allegations with the Commissioner.

The departments payments to contractors who reportedly submitted vague invoices and high-priced bills was another concern of the Mayor.

Cases were found by the Herald, where it appears bid policies that require three written quotes for jobs over $5,000, were skirted.

Records also indicated contractors submitted bills such as $440 to reset two loose stones at Faneuil Hall or $1,710 in labor for 18 hours to replace six faucets.

Reportedly, the Mayor will be launching a search for a company to audit the Property Management agency that’s responsible for the upkeep of municipal buildings which paid $2 million over a three year period ending June 30 to 41 electricians, plumbers and other repairmen who performed odd jobs for the city.

“That’s not chump change. That’s serious tax payer dollars. And it’s something I take serious,” the Mayor said.

There is a chump here and it’s not change.

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