Communications and Cooperation Keys to Eliot School Construction

Design and construction plans for a new Eliot Innovative School at 39 North Bennet Street were revealed last week at a public hearing in the Nazzaro Community Center.
The major project will create an inconvenience for the North End for twenty-three months with street closures, the takingof numerous parking spaces and noise.
For several years, North End residents have been fighting for more school seats to help fill a long list of students seeking entrance to the school that is located on Charter Street. Expansion to a new site on Commercial Street has greatly helped open seats to the popular school. Opening a site at North Bennet Street is frosting on the cake.
While the neighborhood is about to undergo some big time adjustments during the major project, the end result isexactly what the neighborhood  strived for. Communications and cooperation by everyone involved will help make the situation a little less stressful.

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