Support NEBC holiday decorations

Each year, the North End Beautification Committee (NEBC) decorates several local streets for the holiday season.

The volunteer organization has helped put the community in the holiday spirit with festive decorations.

In order to complete this yearly community endeavor, NEBC needs financial support from neighborhood residents and the business community.

Having the neighborhood look beautiful, especially during holiday seasons, is a great idea and it complements the neighborhood.

NEBC is seeking any kind of donation. Checks can be mailed to NEBC, 100 Fulton Street, 4V, Boston, MA 02109.

Dodgers Baseball celebrates 20th year

Can you believe it, the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Dodgers baseball program is celebrating 20 years of providing traveling teams for players starting at 13 years of age to participants 21 and over.

Having a Dodgers program provides Little Leaguers an opportunity to continue to play baseball for an extended period of time.

The program has been highly successful throughout the years with several Dodgers teams winning championships and many trips to the playoffs.

This is an all volunteer program that is supported by donations.

Chamber of Commerce making big strides

North End merchants should consider enrolling in the North End Chamber of Commerce (NECC) which has become more and more active in promoting the business community through advertisement and special events.

Having an active organization like the chamber is important to the business community in many ways and through efforts by membership attracts more customers to the North End.

The Chamber has also been active in the neighborhood by sponsoring and/or supporting community events and non-profit organizations.

The business community can make positive strides working together with everyone benefiting from a united effort.

Mayor Thomas Menino is a true Legend

Mayor Thomas M. Menino the first ever Italian American elected to the top post at City Hall was truly a man for the people of Boston.

His 20 years as mayor helped make Boston’s neighborhoods grow and place the city on the map worldwide.

Arguably, Mayor Menino was the best Mayor the city had. His productivity was solid and ongoing. His love for the city and Bostonians was second to none.

Mayor Menino was “Boston Strong” throughout his long reign at City Hall.

His hard and dedicated work was highly noticeable through the city’s many neighborhoods, especially the North End where he was a frequent visitor.

Every time the mayor was needed to undertake issues relating to the North End he was always in the front row with positive results.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino will be sorely missed and remembered as a legend by the residents of Boston.

Regional Review welcomes community input

It’s important that the Regional Review offers a forum from the community in the form of letters and/or commentaries (senders name will be used).

The Regional Review welcomes news of special events like banquets, fundraisers, community meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, wedding anniversaries (on or after the fact) and other information pertaining to the neighborhood, of interest to the community newspaper readership.

Send information to [email protected] or contact Editor at Large, Phil Orlandella at 781-570-6208.

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