BRA Modernization System: A Great Leap in the Right Direction

An newly designed online portal web-based system at the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) will significantly reduce the current reliance on paper documents as the primary method of receiving letters of intent, project notification forms, notice of project changes and other items that are crucial to the Article 80 development review process.

The new modernized service will definitely help developers by speeding up the system, making it more efficient and easier to process requests.

A significant feature of the website includes a weekly calendar that notes upcoming meetings and events, streaming and archived videos and documents relating to BRA/EDIC board meetings, a regular updated blog and news section, tools to help the public to better understand and participate in the development review process and a significant research and maps section.

Developers, community residents and the BRA will all benefit from the new system which also results in far less wasted paper.

Modernizing  public use systems is always a step in the right direction. The BRA has taken a giant step forward.

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