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Let Us Play Bingo!

Dear Editor,

Ever since last spring. The BHA has been attempting to create a culture of boredom and strife between themselves and the residents of Ausonia Apartments in the North End. They took away our BINGO games, a most vital mode of socialization, relaxation and entertainment for not only the residents here but for the neighbors and friends that come to our building to have fun and laugh with us.

I was so unbelievably proud of all of us last night, September 10th, when we came together to support each other as Erica Ricci of Channel 25 brought her awesome cameraman Dan to our building to lend their support and to afford the BINGO players a forum by which to express themselves publicly and to help the public understand how important this issue is to us all.

By working her own journalistic magic Erica was able to approach our Honorable Martin J Walsh, Mayor of our beloved City who stated that he is in favor of BINGO providing the senior BINGO players were not being taken advantage of.

Please permit me to assure you and reassure you that there is absolutely nothing going on in these BINGO games other than lots of camaraderie, laughing, joking and just pure fun! There are several pieces that need to be in place prior to having a BINGO game such as a license, legal and safe place to play in and they all here at Ausonia.

We have the support of our neighbors, several local community leaders and, of course myself and many others right here in our building.

I must include the hero of us all, that great foe of injustices small and large and the very one who supplies all refreshments, the game organiser and.caller of the numbers, Robert “Bobby” Pirelli.

All that remains is for the Boston Housing Authority to lay aside it’s unsupported complaints and ludicrous nit picking and, in the words of Boby Pirelli, “let us play BINGO!”

Most sincerely,

Emmy Mahfood

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