A Dog Park Will Help Resolve Problems

Besides North End dog owners being responsible citizens by picking up after their pets and abiding by the leash law, a dog park is needed in the community which will help resolve some of the so-called problems being generated by neighborhood residents in search of answers.

Dog issues in the North End or in any other neighborhood are consistent and residents want some sort of resolution, however, the City of Boston Animal Control simply doesn’t have the resources to cover an entire city, so expecting every day, on the spot service is virtually impossible.

As far as dog registration, last March, Mayor Marty Walsh created an online licensing service that allows owners to apply for a license and access more information on the city’s website.

RUFF, a local group of volunteer residents, has been actively attempting to create a dog park in the community and has received some support but not nearly enough.

Raising these issues at public community meetings has not really accomplished anything to speak of and as long as there is no enforcement, the problem will still be on the table for many years to come.

Supporting RUFF’s goal to have a dog park in the neighborhood will go much further than mentioning these issues over and over again, to no avail.

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