Tony DeMarco Exhibit Opens at W.E. Museum

The Flaming Fury of Fleet Street, Tony DeMarco, Welterweight Champion of the World (April 1955) will have his many fights at the old Boston Garden displayed at the West End Museum Members Gallery located at 150 Staniford Street.

Featuring photos of the boxing champ’s matches, the exhibit is free and open to the public during regular Museum hours.

DeMarco grew up in the North End on Fleet Street but began his boxing career at the West End Boys Club at the age of 11.

During the 1950’s, he fought and defeated the top contenders and champions in his division, winning 58 fights while capturing the undisputed world title.

When DeMarco walks through the streets of the North End or visits the many social clubs in the area he is greeted “Hello Champ”.

A National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame inductee, DeMarco, was President of the local chapter.

He has a street named after him “Tony DeMarco Way” and a statue was raised in honor of the champ at the intersection of Hanover and Cross Streets in the North End.

Almost 60 years later, North Enders and others still reflect on DeMarco’s win over Johnny Saxton the then reigning champ.

The exhibit will be on display September 16 through October 25.

A reception will be held on Saturday, October 4 from 4-6pm, free and open to the public, light refreshments will be served.

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