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Tall Ships sailing into Boston Harbor, a real treat

Bringing the Tall Ships back to Boston Harbor in 2017 will help bolster the City of Boston’s economical status with millions of dollars flowing in from the many visitors that will visit different venues over the weeklong event.

While there is still much to do between now and then, the business community, public agencies and elected officials need to be on the same page to make an international event like this take place in Boston which will be the only city these majestic ships will sail into during 2017.

Returning the Tall Ships to Boston Harbor will generate visitors from other New England states, other US states and countries across the globe.

The event will be a special week in Boston that will promote Boston as a world-wide class city.

Mayor’s hiring practice questionable

Jonathon Steketee was hired, after a rigorous and competitive process, as the new Transportation Director for the Boston Public Schools according to the Mayor’s  Office.

Someone must have read his resume upside down because they must have missed, or maybe not, that the new director was the former director for the districts school bus company, which the city signs contracts with for the bus services.

Although the city claims it won’t be a problem with Steketee dealing with his former employer or that there appears to be no conflict of interest with the hiring, that is not the opinion expressed by some.

It’s up to Mayor Martin Walsh to police this controversial hiring, apparently he didn’t or even worse, maybe he did.

            This manner of hiring creates problems and challenges — something the Mayor should publicly explain himself.

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