Support Keogh for Suffolk County Register of Probate

Attorney Martin J. Keogh, candidate for Suffolk County Register of Probate, seems to be the right person for the job based on his determination to reform the public office by transition to a user-friendly system.

He has presented a 10 point plan that makes sense and should be adopted.
• Oversee the transition to a user-friendly E-filing website.
• Implement and resume a daily Lawyer on the Day/Internship program specifically for the Probate Office.
• Restore and rebuild a self help center specifically for the Probate Court Office.
• Revamp the layout of the office making it user friendly.
• Train, retrain and cross train new employees.
• Provide a dedicated customer service informational agent at all times.
• Stream online interactive probate forms that are multilingual.
• Bring the Register’s Office to the neighborhoods.
• Implement a pilot program to hire qualified retired judges to expedite cases.
• Recruit qualified students from area language schools to interpret.

Keogh’s 10 point plan is a 10 and will certainly make the Probate Office much more professional and user friendly. Attorney Keogh is definitely the right person for the job. Give him a vote on September 9.

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