City Officials/police to Cleanup Gassy

After several visits to the DeFilippo Playground (Gassy), Boston Police and the Parks Department have indicated both physical changes and removing undesirables from the public space are needed, according to Nicole Leo of the Mayor’s Office.

She also claimed that Mayor Walsh has been briefed and has requested something be done.

For some time, the second level of the playground has been used for drinking and drug use and the area is used as a toilet for dogs.

Residents have relayed this message to police and city officials for many years and it appears the message has been heard.

One resident requested that a locked gate be placed at the first level entrance. Other residents want more lighting placed in the park which has a tot lot, a hockey rink, a basketball court and a hand ball area.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, who help make the tot lot a reality, has advocated for a major cleanup and the removal of the alleged drug and alcohol users from the playground.

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