Collecting for a Worthy Cause

Life-long North End residents Barbara Maldero, is a advocate for the Pennies from Heaven program initiated for the defense of the unborn raising $1,100, one penny at a time.

For years, Maldero has worked hard for this humanitarian purpose and she is already begun collecting pennies for next year’s drive.

Maldero is well known for her active participation in various charitable organizations as well as her efforts and commitment on behalf of the historic Parish of Saint Leonard of Port Maurice.

She is also a member of the Catholic Daughters of America, Court Ausonia 781 and in the past, Maldero was the recipient of the “Woman of the Year Award” presented by the North End Health Center in association with the Massachusetts General Hospital.

“No contribution is too small in order to serve such a worthy cause,” is Maldero’s calling card.

“I would like to thank my friends, neighbors and others for their contributions,” Maldero said.

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