Old North Church Restoration in Planning Stages

The interior of the Old North Church.

The interior of the Old North Church.

The last major restoration of the church was in 1912. All of the systems in the church: heat, electric, sprinklers, alarm, light, sound, and ventilation are functional, but significantly out of date and not up to current building codes.  The masonry in the crypt needs significant repairs and the crypt should be dehumidified.  Old lead paint must be removed from the surfaces in the sanctuary before repainting takes place.

This is a huge undertaking and must be done in accordance with strict preservation standards.  The Board estimated the cost of a major restoration is $12,000,000, plus soft costs.

The Foundation is focused on restoring the church before our 300th anniversary in 2023.  The master plan for the restoration has been completed.   The church is currently working with the National Park Service to enter data concerning their master plan into the NPS funding system. Hopefully the bulk of the funding for the church restoration can come from the National Park System.  The church needs to raise some matching funds from private foundations and individuals, including members of the Old North congregation.

At the point when the restoration begins, the church will need to be closed to tourists and worshippers alike during the construction period.  The interior cannot be de-leaded, nor can electric, heating, and fire suppression systems behind the walls be replaced, while the church is in use.  An alternative space for worship for a period is needed.

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