Councilor LaMattina Seeks More Hockies in North End

Boston City Counselor Sal LaMattina told residents at the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) that he has requested at least two street sweepers (Hockies) be placed in the North End on a yearly basis to help keep the neighborhood as clean as possible

“These Hockies, if approved, will make a huge difference in keeping the neighborhood cleaner,” LaMattina said.

The Councilor also participated in a feasibility walk through the Prado which is in need of some major repairs.

The Councilor told residents that there is a possibility that a community garden can be placed in DeFilippo Park (the Gassy).

In addition, the Councilor also advised that the Problem Property Task Force has been formed once again. He recommended that at least two members of NEWNC and NEWRA attend the monthly meetings.

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