Sidewalk Repairs Now a City Priority

Apparently, Mayor Walsh’s administration has launched a massive survey of the condition of approximately 1,700 miles of sidewalks throughout the city.

It took a Herald review to point out the problem of heaving sloping, cracked concrete, brick and cobblestone responsible for dozens of payouts to people who have fallen to get the ball rolling.

The Herald called the situation “a minefield” and a “war zone” for pedestrians as well as for people in wheelchairs.

Reportedly, City Hall faced with a series of violations from the state’s Architectural Access Board over curb outs for wheelchairs and the hazardous walk conditions, has recognized the problem.

This June, the Department of Public Works (DPW) will kick off a massive condition survey. It will be the 1st such survey conducted since 2009.

DPW claims sidewalks will be graded on the slopes, cracks, heaving, settling, materials, dimensions and conformance to the city codes.

A city official noted the “DPW crews will walk each linear foot of the city sidewalks to create and engineering assessment of the sidewalk infrastructure.”

Reportedly, the Mayor is making sidewalk assess ability a top priority.

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