Crane Incident Could Have Been Worse

Lucky is the only word that describes the incident that involved a 100-foot crane tipping over on Commercial Street crashing on a vehicle and going through a chain-link fence at Puopolo Park baseball field in the North End.

Reportedly, two people were injured but it could have been worse as the crane fell across the busy street in the community creating a massive traffic jam and the diversion of many vehicles.

The crane was reportedly removing debris from 500 Commercial Street, a residential dwelling when for some reason it tipped over. The incident is under investigation and lawsuits are pending.

Diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid leaked from the fallen crane creating a clean-up process that added to the traffic build-up.

Large cranes being used in the community happen frequently but this is the first and hopefully the last one that falls across a community street.

The investigation will most likely determine the cause of the incident and we can learn from the results.

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