Soon 2am Closing License Will Flourish in the Community

Issuing 2am closure licenses will become a part of the North End in the very near future.

If they don’t already have 2am closure licenses just about every North End/Waterfront restaurant, lounge or bar will be requesting them sooner rather than later and there appears to be no way to stop them from swarming through the neighborhood.

While residents will challenge them, it will be a losing battle most of the time depending on the circumstances.

Currently, the community is battling unbelievable quality of life issues ranging from noise, vandalism and people using the community as a toilet. Not to mention the vomiting that takes place everywhere.

The North End has become “Weekends from Hell” with outrageous vehicle and pedestrian traffic that is not very well-controlled. The sidewalks are so full of diners, shoppers and visitors, that people are forced to walk dangerously on busy streets.

Its horrific now, what is going to happen when everyone gets a 2am closing license which means businesses will be emptying out by 2:30am.

Why does the community have two neighborhood groups attempting to work with City Hall to remedy these problems?

Apparently, no one is getting the message.

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