Movie Filming to Take Place in the North End

A full day of filming will take place in the North End at different locations, Margaret, Unity and Tileston Streets on Thursday, May 29 from 6am to midnight possibly longer.

Black Mass starring Johnny Depp will begin filming on Margaret Street and eventually moved to Unity and Tileston Streets for a second scene.

The streets will be closed and traffic will be diverted using police details. Parking restrictions will be imposed on Prince Street (Commercial to Salem), Commercial Street (Prince to Hull), Thatcher Street (North Margin to Prince) and North Margin Street (Thatcher to Endicott).

Generators will be placed on Prince at Thatcher Street and Snow Hill at Hull Street.

LED streetlights would be changed on Margaret Street. Plantar barrels will be removed and replaced. Street signage removed and replaced.

All abutters will be notified of the schedule and alternative parking will be arranged.

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