Indians/Cubs Tie 5-5; Opens Baseball Season

The Indians versus Cubs had a great game to start off the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) 2014 season. The Cubs starting pitcher Francis Shea made the first out ofthe season, handling a sharp comebacker from Indian Sam Griffin.

The Indians dug in and scored two runs when Charlie Griffin drove the first one of his hard hits balls deep to the fence to knock in Sonny Blazo & Calvin Szulc.

Francis Shea found his footing and battled back, striking out the next two batters to close out the inning,  and shutting down the remaining Indians through three.

The Game was tied 2-2 in the third when Michael Anderson crossed the plate stealing home,  inspiring his brother John-Paul who took the mound and held the Indians in check, pitching three solid innings. The Indians held the lead 5-4 into the 5th with pitcher Brianna Woods shutting down the Cubs while fielding all three outs .

John-Paul Anderson threw a great 6th inning, battling through the heart of the Indians order and holding them scoreless to set the stage for the Cubs comeback.

Catcher Peter Shea worked the count and drew a walk, and after stealing 2 bases he could see home plate within his reach. Peter worked the line over and over seeking his chance and took off for home and slid under Charlie Griffin’s tag to tie things up.

With the score 5-5 and 6 innings in the books the game ended in a tie. Families, friends & local fans where all treated to a great game and season kicked off in style.

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