North End Businesses Not Helping Street Trash Pickup

Warmer weather has flooded the North End with visitors, diners and shoppers.

Everywhere the eye can see there are people, people, people, especially on weekends. A business owner’s dream.

It’s really only the beginning of what’s to come, more visitors resulting in a street and sidewalk trash problem once the very few trash receptacles are full.

At times, it becomes almost impossible to walk on the sidewalks when businesses have long lines limiting pedestrian passage, forcing people to walk on busy streets.

While this continues, swarms of people are an economic value to the business community, but there is no benefit to residents.

Some business establishments, even though they are busy, they clean up as much as possible in front of their stores or restaurants during the onslaught of customers.

However, many businesses don’t take the time to cleanup and there lies  the North End trash problem on the sidewalks and streets.

For many years, community groups, City Hall and even the North End Chamber of Commerce have encouraged the business community to help keep the North End clean but it’s simply not working.

Being a “Good Neighbor” is just a minor thought, while the cash register continues to fill up.

The business community needs to get a broom and help keep the community they earn a living in stay clean.

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