NEBC Needs Funding to Complete Goals.

Beautification of the North End will help make the historic community more attractive to residents and the thousands of visitors, tourists, diners and shoppers that pass through the community each year.

Cleaner streets, flowers and decorations relating to the neighborhood would make the neighborhood much more attractive.

There is a commonly based, nonprofit, volunteer organization, the North End Beautification Committee, that has been is planning to beautify the neighborhood at different locations this spring and summer.

Last summer, NEBC working with agencies, hired two people to hand sweep the neighborhood. NEBC is hoping to continue this project and others, including flower planting, decorative signage and several ideas to make the North End clean and beautiful.

NEBC is committed to neighborhood beautification projects but in order to establish the many programs NEBC wants to implement, it obviously takes money.

Donations are needed to accomplish NEBC’s goals. Anyone wishing to help support this community group’s endeavor can mail a check to the committee at 100 Fulton Street, 4V, Boston, MA 02109.

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